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November 12th, 2022

Tocoi Creek High School

11200 St Johns Pkwy

St. Augustine, Florida 32092

 Dear Participants and Fans,


On behalf of Tocoi Creek High School and the Tocoi Creek High School Marching Band, I would like to extend warm greetings and welcome you to our inaugural Tocoi Creek Marching Invitational.


I would like to personally thank the TCHS Arts Boosters and extended band families for assisting with the hosting of this event. Without their help and dedication to this program, today’s show would not have been possible.


It takes dedication and commitment from both the participants as well as their parents to make each one of your band programs a success. We should all take pride in those accomplishments.


We wish all of today’s participants the best of luck, great skill, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your time with us on the beautiful campus of Tocoi Creek High School.




Anthony Cananzi

Director of   Bands

Tocoi Creek High School

11200 St Johns Pkwy

St. Augustine, Florida 32092





Parking for this event is free of charge. 

Rain Delay Policy

Rain delays will be at the discretion of the Contest Director and may include consultation with the Directors involved

A stand still performance in the gym will be the alternative if weather does not permit continuation.


Staff and Chaperone Passes

One arm band per ten kids in the program. The list provided by your registration will determine the amount of wrist bands. This does not include your Band Director Badge. All staff members listed will also receive a wrist band 


Judge Sheets

Recap sheets will be made available via competition suite following the show.


Competition Suite

Please be sure to register for competition suite if you have not done so  already.  All judge's commentary and score sheets will be electronic via CS.


Prelim Awards Ceremony

Following the last band, we will commence with the Prelims Awards Ceremony. Drum Major/High Officers will report to the track entrance gate in prelim performance order. We will have them come onto the field to receive their awards.


Finals Retreat

  • Prelim scores will determine the position of the bands on the field for finals.

  • Drum Majors, Leadership and Seniors will represent each ensemble on the field for retreat.


Band Classification

Classifications will be in accordance with FMBC regulations and bands can only choose to be put in the exhibition class for ratings. If you would like to perform in a larger class, please indicate that on the band registration. Here is the class structure for reference:

  • Class 1A (1-45 All Performers)

  • Class 2A (46-69 All Performers)

  • Class 3A (70-99 All Performers)

  • Class 4A (100-145 All Performers)

  • Class 5A (146 All Performers)

  • Ratings Only (FBA Style)

  • Comments Only



Tickets will be made available through the mobile app Eventbrite.  General Admission will be $15.00 and children 10 and under are free.  Your general admission ticket will count for admittance to both preliminary and finals performances.


2022 Judges

 Individual Music – TBD

 Ensemble Music – Larry Shane

 General Effect Music – Evan Rogovin

 General Effect Visual – Jen Karp

 Ensemble Visual – Kevin Bell

 Individual Visual – Andy Snow

 Percussion – TBD

 Colorguard – Jill Moser


Registered Bands 

As this is a rescheduled show, we will update the registered bands ASAP

Preliminary Competition Schedule

Finals Competition Schedule

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